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Who we are. What we do.

Entheogens have been treated as dangerous substances in the United States for over 40 years. These substances have the ability to help people with an array of ailments ranging from depression to migraines and chronic pain but they are still classified  Schedule 1. The misinformation that was spread about these substances helped fuel the failed, racist drug war in the United States, so there is a need for a source of easy to digest and understand knowledge on the benefits of psychedelic decriminalization. Legal systems can't change human behavior, so by decriminalizing these substances more resources can be put towards harm reduction instead. Criminalizing people for psychedelic drug use only puts more strain on an already burdened justice system. Offering the general public clear and easy to understand information in order to change the public's perception is a crucial step in decriminalizing psychedelic substances in the United States.


Our organization offers complete and unbiased information ranging from booklets to internet sources on psychedelic substances. We also hold meetings and sessions to discuss experiences and provide a safe space for people to learn, share and gain a close network of like minded individuals. Psychedelics have been forced to the forefront of mainstream news and with that comes a need to know more. We provide accurate, simple, and easy to understand information so that we are able to assist similar groups in the fight to change laws. 


We want to serve communities of color and anyone who has a general interest in psychedelics. With the laws currently shifting in the United States and decriminalization happening, people need accurate and dependable information surrounding these substances. We hope to take the fear and misinformation out of drug education. We hope to assist anyone who is interested in psychedelics learn in a safe environment. With rising popularity, there is bound to be people who are interested and need information on types, effects and history. We hope to be that source. 

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